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Thesis Supervision

Ph.D. Thesis (Awarded)

[Shruti Kanga, Associate Prof., Central University of Punjab]  2013 

Forest Fire Susceptibility Risk Modelling and Management: A Geospatial Approach  (Ph.D./DRS/77/2008/BIT/Shruti Kanga)

BIT-Mesra (Ranchi)

[Suman Sinha, Assistant Prof. Amity University, Kolkata]  2017

Multi-Sensor SAR-Optical Synergic Modelling in Retrieving Forest Parameters over Deciduous Landscape. (Ph.D./DRS/1053/10/Suman Sinha/ Inspire Fellow-DST) 

BIT-Mesra (Ranchi)

[Garima Sharma]  2019

Assessment of Soil Carbon Stock and its Relation to Land-Use Change and Climatic Variability in Semi-Arid Region of Rajasthan.  (CURAJ/2012/PHDES/ 03/ Garima Sharma)

Central University of Rajasthan (Ajmer)

[Rajit Gupta]  2023

Assessment of Forest Growth Dynamics by Integrating Advanced Remote Sensing and Process-Based Modelling. (CURAJ/2017/PHDES/ 03) 

Central University of Rajasthan

[Rajashree Naik] 2023

Integration of Multispectral and Hyperspectral Data with Climatic Variabilities for Assessment of Sambhar Lake Ecosystem (A Ramsar Site) of Rajasthan, India (CURAJ/2018/PHDEVS/ 004) 

Central University of Rajasthan

[Alok Raj] 2023

Assessment of Eco-sensitivity of the Central Aravalli region using geospatial approach under changing Climatic conditions (CURAJ/2018/PHDEVS/ 001) 

Central University of Rajasthan

[Rajani Kant Verma] 2023

Advance Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Assessment of Forest Biophysical Parameters (CURAJ/2019/PHDEVS/ 004) 

Central University of Rajasthan

Ph.D. Thesis (Ongoing)


Shubham Kumar [UGC-NET-JRF, GATE]

Teal Carbon Flux Estimation & Geospatial Modelling of Ecological Services for Ecological Restoration of Selected Ramsar Sites of India

Reg. No: (CURAJ/2020/PHDEVS/ 005)

Mahima Kanwar Rathore [CSIR-UGC-NET-JRF]

Biodiversity Characterization of Desert National Park (India) at Landscape Level using Field Observations and Geospatial Technology

Reg. No: (CURAJ/2021/PHDEVS/ 002)

Alisha Sinha [UGC-NET], CURAJ Fellowship

Study of an Early Warning System for the Detection of Forest Fire Using IOT & Geospatial Techniques

Reg. No: (CURAJ/2021/PHDEVS/ 001)

Pragya Singh Solanki [UGC-NET], CURAJ Fellowship

To be assigned.

Reg. No: (CURAJ/2022/PHDENV/ 002)

Kariya Ishita Bhavesh Kumar  [GATE], DST-INSPIRE Fellow

To be assigned.

Reg. No: (CURAJ/2022/PHDENV/ 001)

M.Tech (RS & GIS)
Thesis (Awarded)

Assessing Ecological Footprints towards Sustainable Environmental Management supported by Geospatial Information Technology. (M.Tech./DRS/1007/10/BIT/Reetu Pandey)

Biomass Inventory for Carbon Sequestration Study in the Scope of REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) using Geo-Spatial Technology.  (M.Tech./DRS/1001/09/BIT/Ritesh Kumar)

Land Use/Land Cover Change Dynamics for Part of Meghalaya. (M.Tech./DRS/1004/09/BIT/Navneet Kumar Das)

Site Suitability Analysis for Relocation of Tigers in Sariska National Park of Rajasthan (India) Using Integrated Geospatial Approach. (M.Tech./DRS/1004/08/BIT/Suman Sinha).

Assessment of Carbon Pool in Sariska National Park of Rajasthan (India) Using Geospatial Approach. (M.Tech./DRS/1003/08/BIT/Pawan Kumar).

Assessing the Demand of Solid Waste Disposal in Bhagalpur City of Bihar (India) Using Urban Dynamic Modeling with Geospatial Approach. (M.Tech./DRS/1005/07/BIT/Prem Chandra Pandey)

Quantification of Growing Stock and Biomass in Kharagpur Forest Range of Munger Forest Division in Bihar using RS & GIS. (M.Tech./DRS/1011/06/BIT/Meenakshi Mishra).

M.Sc. (Geoinformatics) Thesis (Awarded)

Landscape Level Assessment of Forest Fragmentation and Disturbance in Dalma Protected Area of Jharkhand using Remote Sensing and GIS. (CUJ/M/2013/GIO/009/ Satendra Kr. Chaudhary).

Spatial distribution of Tree Species Diversity in Rarha Forest (Ranchi) Jharkhand Using Remote Sensing and GIS. (CUJ/M/2013/GIO/013/ Siddharth Kumar).

Prediction of Spatio-Temporal Dynamics and the Impact of Urban Components over the Land Surface Temperature (LST) of Ranchi, (India) Using Satellite Data. (M.Sc./CLRM/CUJ/I/2012/GIO/004/Kamlesh Mohanta).

Detection of Potential Vegetation Degradation Zones using Geospatial Approach: A Case Study of Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna (Bihar). (MGI/DRS/1011/10/BIT/Ambrin Seraj).

Landscape Visualization and Urban Planning. (MGI/DRS/1011/09/BIT/Arun Singh).

Change Detection in Mangroves along Mundra Coast using Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics. (MGI/DRS/1015/09/BIT/Mehta Abhinav Mahendra bhai).

Forest Fire Risk Assessment in Tara Devi Range of Shimla Forest Division in Himachal Pradesh (India) using RS & GIS. (MGI/DRS/1001/06/BIT/Shruti Kanga).

M.Sc. (Environmental Science) Thesis (Awarded)

Assessing Predictive Efficacy of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Forest Fire Susceptibility in Indian Forests (CURAJ/EVS/2022/2020MSES010/ Naureen Fatima)

Assessment of India’s Natural Capital for Sustainability Based on Modified Environmental Footprint Using Geospatial Approach (CURAJ/EVS/2022/2020MSES012/ Pranjal Aarav)


Pre and Post COVID assessment of Physico-chemical status of Sambhar Salt Lake (Ramsar site), India using  a geospatial approach (CURAJ/EVS/2022/2017MSES003/ Varun Singh)

The Habitat Distribution Modelling of the Indian Peafowl (Pavo Cristatus) Using Maxent Model for their Ecological Conservation and Management (CURAJ/EVS/2022/2017MSES004/Vishu T.)

Empirical Study on Ecological Niche for Pelican Crispus. (CURAJ/EVS/2021/2016IMSES015/ Ruchika Sinha).

Soil Quality Assessment for Halophytes of Sambhar Salt Lake, India using Remote Sensing and GIS. (CURAJ/EVS/2021/2016IMSES002/ Avinash).

A Coral Reefs Detection Index and Its Analysis Using Remote Sensing and GIS. (CURAJ/EVS/2021/2019MSES010/ Hitesh Kumar Nial).

Socioecological Study of Sambhar Salt Lake (A Ramsar Site) Using Geospatial and DPSIR Framework. (CURAJ/EVS/2021/2016IMSES015/ Keerthana).

Efficacy of Machine Learning Algorithms in Prediction of Forest Fires due to Climate Change Influenced by IOD and ENSO Events in South - Eastern Australia. (CURAJ/EVS/2020/2015IMSES003/ B. S. Nithan).

Impacts of interaction and distribution of Alien species on the landscape ecology of the protected area using spatial distribution modelling. (CURAJ/EVS/2020/2015IMSES008/ Khushboo Kala).

Assessment of Ecotonal Indicators of the Great Indian Desert Using Spatio-temporal Dataset. (CURAJ/EVS/2020/2015IMSES010/ Kritika Somawat).

Sustainability Assessment of the Central University of Rajasthan Campus using Ecological Footprint (As an Indicator) and Geospatial Technology. (CURAJ/EVS/2019/2014IMSES014/ Rajat Soni).

Geospatial Approach for Habitat Suitability Modeling of Flamingoes using Maxent Model in an Evanescing Ramsar Site, Sambhar Salt Lake, India. (CURAJ/EVS/2019/2014IMSES008/ Kshitij Divyansh).

Assessment of Soil Quality using Geospatial Modeling: A case study of Sambhar Lake (A Ramsar Site), India. (CURAJ/EVS/2019/2013IMSES022/ Sachin).

Correlation of Phenological Matrices with Climate Variables to Predict Future Scenarios over Rajasthan using Geospatial Technology. (CURAJ/EVS/2019/2017MSES003/ Amlan Nag).

Divulging decadal (47 Years) Spatio-temporal Landscape dynamic integrating water index of Sambhar Salt Lake (A Ramsar Site), Rajasthan, India. (CURAJ/EVS/2019/2014IMSES023/ Vikas Bhamu).

Habitat suitability modeling of Flamingo in and around Sambhar Lake (a RAMSAR site) Rajasthan using RS & GIS. (CURAJ/EVS/2018/2016MSES002/ Amandeep Ruhela).

Identification of potential Ecological Indicators of the Sambhar Lake-A RAMSAR site in Rajasthan, India. (CURAJ/EVS/2018/2013IMSES012/ Goundla Pradeep Goud).

Spatio-temporal study for Land Cover change detection using RS & GIS techniques on Sambhar Lake (RAMSAR site), Rajasthan, India. (CURAJ/EVS/2018/2016MSES003/ Bhavna Choudhary).

Evaluating Impact on Landuse/land cover using temporal satellite images in “Raigarh Locality” Chhattisgarh. (CURAJ/EVS/2017/2015MSES015/ Swapnil Tawadakar).

Study on soil carbon sequestration in and around wetland: A case study of Ramsar Site. (CURAJ/EVS/2017/2015MSES009/ Narendra Kumar Kadela).

Spatio-temporal variation in canopy phenology of teak forests of India using geospatial data. (CURAJ/EVS/2016/2014MSES018/ Srutisudha Mohanty).

Assessment of Land Use/Land Cover change in Bhaderwah township area using Remote sensing method. (CURAJ/EVS/2016/2014MSES017/ Sourav Sharma).

Accumulation of metal in plant species grown on the soil contaminated with thermal power plant fly ash and their Phyto-remediation potential. (CURAJ/EVS/2016/2014MSES019/ Shubhash Chand).

Identification of vulnerability classes of fluoride affected population in Kishangarh (Tehsil), Rajasthan. (CURAJ/EVS/2016/2014MSES002/Ajay Kumar).

Wetland inventory of Sambhar Lake (Ramsar Site) using Geospatial technology. (CURAJ/EVS/2016/2014MSES006/ Meghna Gour).

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