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Central University of Rajasthan

           (A Central University)

     N.H-8, Bandar Sindri-305817

      Ajmer, Rajasthan (India)


Prof. (Dr.) Laxmi Kant Sharma 

M. Tech., Ph.D.
Member, IUCN [CEM and WCPA]

Department of Environmental Science
School of Earth Sciences
Central University of Rajasthan

Phone: +91-9162711603 (M)

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  • Dr. Laxmi Kant Sharma received his M.Tech. in RS and GIS from Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (ISRO), Dehradun (India), and a Ph.D. degree in botany with specialization in ecology from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur (India).

  • He is currently the Head of the Department of Environmental Science and former Dean of the School of Earth Sciences at Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer (India), and currently an Associate Professor.

  • He had completed various research projects funded by MOEFCC, SAC (ISRO), and NRSC (ISRO), among others, on forest fire modeling, natural resources management, and assessment of forest biomass with multispectral, microwave, and other advanced geospatial tools.

  • Currently, his research work focuses on hyperspectral data processing and applications in sustainable environmental management.

Area of Specialization

Geospatial (Remote Sensing, GIS & GPS) Applications, Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, Climate Change & Biodiversity Assessment, Microwave, Hyperspectral & LiDAR Remote Sensing for Environmental Applications, Forest Fire Management, Natural Resources Management, Disaster management & Sustainable Development.

Research Guidance

M. Tech. :                07

M.Sc.:                      37

Ph.D. awarded:       07

Under guidance:     06

Academic / Other Experience

Teaching: 15+(Fifteen) years;

Research: 18+ (Eighteen) years;

Administrative: 08+(Eight) Years.

Research Publications

International: 28, National: 17

Books published: 04; Proceedings: 02

Book Chapters: Int: 10;   National: 03

Paper presentations: Int: 10; National: 08

Invited Lectures: 07

Workshops: 14 (attended); conducted : 27

Grant in aid projects

​Completed: 05

                                             SAC (ISRO)Total grant of Rs. 19.40 lakhs.(Status: PI)

                                             SAC(ISRO): Total grant of Rs. 7.10 lakhs. (Status: Co-PI)

                                             SAC (ISRO): Total grant of Rs. 8.00 lakhs. (Status: Co-PI)

                                             NRSC (ISRO): Total grant of Rs. 30.00 lakhs. (Status: Co-PI)


                                             MoEFCC, GoI: Total grant of Rs. 17.83 lakhs.(Status: PI)

Upcoming Conference/ Webinar/Workshop

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