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Ph.D. Scholar (2017-22) 

Ph.D. Title: Assessment of forest growth dynamics by integrating advanced remote sensing and process-based modelling

Expertise in Remote sensing and GIS:

Satellite data type: Optical, LiDAR, Hyperspectral and Microwave, Machine and Deep learning


Languages: R, Python

Achievements:  UGC-JRF Cleared, JKSET

Scholarship/ Fellowship: UGC NET-JRF


  • IGARSS 2022 Travel Grant by IEEE

  • Jim and Brown Student Travel Grant, ESA, 2021 

  • Training and Travel Grant award 2021 by British Ecological Society

Publications: Research article (6);

                        Conference proceeding (3)

                        Book chapters (3)


Ph.D. Scholar (2018-22)

(Thesis submitted)

Ph.D. Title: Integration of multispectral and hyperspectral data with climatic variabilities for assessment of Sambhar Lake ecosystem (A Ramsar site) of Rajasthan, India

Expertise in Remote sensing and GIS:

Satellite data type: Optical and  Hyperspectral

Software:  ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, QGIS, Terraset

Achievements: PhD work displayed in website of Ramsar Convention of its 50th anniversary

Scholarship/ Fellowship: Central University Common Entrance Test-2014 scholarship, Summer Research Fellowship 2015 by Indian Academy of Sciences,

Awards/Grants: Training and Travel Grant Award 2020 by British Ecological Society, Student Registration Grant by Ecological Society of America 2021

Publications: Research article (5)

                         Book chapters (6)


Alok Raj

Ph.D. Scholar (2018-22)

(Thesis submitted)

Ph.D. Title: Assessment of Eco-sensitivity in the Central Aravalli region using Geospatial approach under changing climatic conditions

Expertise in Remote sensing and GIS:

Satellite data type: Optical, Microwave, Hyperspectral, LiDAR

Software:  ArcGIS, ENVI, Imagine ERDAS, SNAP, MS office, R, GeoDa, Q-GIS, TerrSet geospatial Modeler, FragStat, Maxent model, Species distribution model, eCognition, LiDAR360

Online platform expertise: Google Collab, Google Earth Engine, Climate engine, Planetary Computer - Microsoft

Language: R and Python and Javascript

Achievements: UGC-Net cleared

Scholarship/ Fellowship: Central University Fellowship

Publications: Research article (6)

                        Book chapters (5)


Rajani Kant Verma

Ph.D. Scholar (2019-23)

(Thesis submitted)

Ph.D. Title: Advance Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Assessment of Forest Biophysical Parameters

Expertise in Remote sensing and GIS

Satellite data type: Multispectral, Hyperspectral, LiDAR and Microwave data

Software:  ENVI, ArcGIS, Erdas Imagine, QGIS, R Studio, MATLAB, TerrSet, GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System), SNAP, NEST, 3D Forest, LiForest (LiDAR Forest Software), Maxent,

Online platform expertise: Jupyter, Google Earth Engine

Languages: C, C++, JAVA, HTML, Python

Achievements: Merit scholarship (Central University Common Entrance Test-2013)

Scholarship/ Fellowship: Central University Fellowship

Publications: Research article (3)

                        Book chapters (2)


Shubham Kumar

PhD Scholar


Ph.D. Title: Teal Carbon Flux Estimation & Geospatial Modelling of Ecological Services for Ecological Restoration of Selected Ramsar Sites of India

Expertise in Remote sensing and GIS: Satellite data type: Multispectral

Software:  ArcGIS 10.8, Erdas Imagine, QGIS

Scholarship/ Fellowship: UGC NET-JRF 

Achievements: UGC-JRF 2022,  GATE-2019, ARS-NET (II)-2018

Publication: Research Article (1)


Alisha Sinha

Ph.D. Title: Study of an Early Warning System for the Detection of Forest Fire Using IOT & Geospatial Techniques

Scholarship/ Fellowship: Central University Fellowship


Pragya Photo.jpg

Pragya Singh Solanki

Ph.D. Title: Geospatial Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Southern Aravalli Range

Scholarship/ Fellowship: Central University Fellowship


Mahima Kanwar Rathore

PhD Scholar


Ph.D. Title: Biodiversity characterization of Desert National Park (India) at landscape level using field observations  and geospatial technology

Scholarship/Fellowship: UGC-NET-JRF

IMG-20230928-WA0036 (1).jpg

Kariya Ishita 

Ph. D. Title: Study of Invasive Plant species and its impact on biodiversity of Marine National Park and Sanctuary using Advanced Geospatial Techniques 

Scholarship/ Fellowship: DST-INSPIRE FELLOW

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